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Similarly to portable toilets, airplane toilets can at times get a little on the nose. Some great tips to avoid smells in the loo from the professionals! Certainly worth a try in portable toilets (though no hot liquids please) By the Sun


Flight attendants have come up with a really simple trick to get rid of bad smells in plane toilets

If a passenger has left a stink, the flight attendant will pour a strong pot of coffee down the loo

AEROPLANE toilets are some of the hardest-working loos in the business.

After several hours in the air with back-to-back visits from passengers and no window to open, it’s hardly a surprise that they quickly develop a strong stench.

Toilet paper rolls isolated on over white

Cabin crew have discovered a simple trick for removing bad smells

But cabin crew have developed a neat trick for getting rid of the smell.

If a traveller has let loose a particularly pungent stink, the flight attendant will brew a strong pot of coffee to bring with them while clean the loo.

According to the crew from Norwegian Airlines, pouring a strong cup of black coffee down the toilet will neutralise the odour.

Flight attendants pour a strong cup of black coffee down the toilet to neutralise the odour

According to experts, the reason coffee is so effective is because it both neutralises the bacteria and also brings with it a very familiar new smell.

Dr. Alan Hirsch, a researcher from the Smell and Taste Research Center in Chicago, has done extensive studies on the power of coffee smell.


He said that the beans act like a scent neutraliser – they wipe your other smells from the nose.

Many flight attendants also place coffee ground bags in bathrooms to neutralise the smell since the grounds absorb some of the odour.

So if you find a smelly toilet on your next flight, ask a flight attendant for an old coffee bag to quell the smell.

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