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The portable toilet, the ‘Portaloo’, ‘Thunderbox’ or the ‘Porta Potty’ would be familiar to those working on domestic home builds or who attend large events and functions.

There is a reputation associated with these essential facilities, at events it’s generally regarding their level of filth, and the long lines for small numbers of toilets. For btoilet-1033443_1280uilding sites, it is the smell of an overflowing loo and lack of basic hygiene. Rivulets of waste winding out of builders blocks, the toilet paper long gone.

There are a few basic housekeeping steps to avoid your event, function or building site having one of these unwelcome boxes of stench and filth. Following is a hirer’s guide to keeping your portable toilet in the best possible condition, and ensure that the users of these much-needed facilities are left relieved!

  • Calculate the number of users – this will help Rent A Loo identify either how many toilets you will need to hire, or alternatively how long between pump outs you will need.
  • Upkeep – If you are holding a wedding, party, or any large event, you simply cant leave a stack of toilet paper in each cubicle and let the visitors do as they need. Toilet paper gets misused or runs out, floors get dirty, customers use them for smoking or accidents such as ‘misses’ and even vomit happens. Unless you have the time to take yourself away from playing host, hire an attendant! Rent A Loo can provide upkeep to your toilets throughout your event.

Other things to consider

  • Have an even playing field – Provide a large flat area to ensure that your Port A Loo remains upright – no accidental push overs, or leaking tanks
  • Ventilation – Ensure your toilets are in a clear area where they can ventilate efficiently. The portable loo’s are well-ventilated units, but still need space to breath – and help keep any odours at bay.

Keeping these things in mind when hiring Portable Toilets for builder’s sites, events, functions, festivals and more will help your toilets stay in the best possible condition, clean, serviceable and ready for use. Call now on 0409 783 399 to discuss how we can help you with hire today!