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Department of Health – Code of practice for running safer music festivals and events


The Code of Practice for running safer music festivals and events (referred to in this document as ‘the Code’), has been prepared to assist organisers of music festivals and events plan, run and manage events safely, and meet legal requirements, government standards and safety obligations.

The Code is applicable to small and large events and sets a standard of practice for all individuals and organisations that run or participate in music festivals and events in Victoria. The Code includes both indoor and outdoor events. There are several health risks particular to music festivals and events, both physical and environmental, including effects from continuous dancing, noise, raised body temperature and dehydration, and substance use. The weather, terrain or location of the dance party can also pose safety risks. Organisers need to prepare adequately for these risks, especially at outdoor events. Legal codes, building regulations and other guidelines apply to buildings, structures and equipment safety. Proper planning and management can help minimise safety hazards and the risk of litigation. The Code of Practice covers four major areas: • planning, preparation and management • public health and safety • harm reduction and education • legal issues.

Download the guide here:Code of practice for running safer music festivals and events (2013)